Technopreneurship = Technology + Entrepreneurship. Merging technology prowess and entrepreneurial skills is the real source of power in today’s knowledge-based economy.

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Successful Spin-Off from SP

Stella Specialty (S) Chemicals Pte Ltd is the most recent spin-off from SP. Stella currently has four main products licensed from Singapore Polytechnic through Innomart Pte Ltd, namely Self Assembly Monolayers (SAMs)-based chemicals coating solution, electroless copper plating solution, high precision electroless nickel (EN) plating solution and organic coating solution for copper protection. For more information, please visit Stella Specialty (S) Chemicals Pte Ltd.

Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Multiplier
SP is appointed LED multiplier with the objective of assisting SMEs to:

  • Become Manpower-lean
  • Develop a stronger Singaporean core
  • Build a higher quality workforce

Industry Development, Enhancement and Advancement Programme for SMEs (IDEAS) is an inaugural program between Singapore Polytechnic, Workforce Singapore and Agilent.

Joint Media Release


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