The (R)Evolution of the Internet of Things

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5G Technology

It is 5th generation of the cellular network technology.

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  • Lower latency, higher capacity and increased in data bandwidth as compared to the earlier generation.
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  • Low-bands to support wider coverage.
  • Mid-bands offer a balance of benefits between coverage and capacity.
  • High-bands is less crowded and provides the ultra-high bandwidth.
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  • Multi-access Edge Computing that brings high computational services from centralised cloud closer to end-users (the edge).
  • Easing the need of having high-performance device at end-user for computational intensive use cases such as AR/VR.
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  • Network slicing to enable various differentiated services across different industries with assured Quality of Service.

Why AIoT?

  • IoT focuses on connectivity and data communications.
  • Data Analytics adds the analysis capabilities in IoT that engages data to implement effective decision-making processes. (E.g. predictive maintenance).
  • Now AI adds learning capabilities to IoT, not just making effective decision, but able to self correct and recover from mistakes or errors at run time.
  • With AIoT, edge devices will get ever-smarter, not just data generators but aggregators, communicators and making decisions like a human could do.
  • AIoT is not just purely for edge but it can happen at higher level to achieve the system goals.
  • The centre works on complete end-to-end AIoT ecosystem that involves integration of embedded hardware like sensors/devices and gateways to connections with software cloud platforms and application development.

With 5G and AIoT Together

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5G will bring the entire AIoT ecosystem to a whole new level of real time use cases that existing 4G cannot do.  The centre aspires to be the catalyst that provides technical project development & consultations as well training in the areas of 5G, AI, IoT, embedded systems applications, smart devices, wireless applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics.

Abbreviations Used:
The Internet of Things (IoT), The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), Equipment (Eqpt), Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)