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  • 5G
  • OT Cyber Security
  • Applied Engineering Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics


  • Robotics and Automation
  • Sensors
  • Embedded AI/ Edge Computing
  • High Performance Computing

What We Do

The Centre focuses on enabling 5G in industrial AIoT Proof-of-Concept (POC) use cases for smart facilities in the advanced manufacturing and built environment sectors as well as for facility operations and maintenance purpose.

  1. 5G in Advanced Manufacturing
    1. Digital Twin – A digital replica of a production line that supports real-time updates, remote monitoring and emergency intervention to halt production.
    2. Remote Field Assistance – Leveraging on 5G’s ability of high bandwidth and low latency, this tool provides real-time guidance to a junior staff by a remote expert.
  2. 5G-enabled Smart Facilities in Built Environments
    The future of facilities monitoring is going to be alert and event-based in real time. A central landing page will notify facility managers on various real-time critical events within the facilities.

    1. Video-analytics Based Carpark Monitoring System – Configured to detect carpark anomalies such as unauthorised parking in fire engine access areas and reserved lots, this system will trigger an alert, sending a snapshot of events to the command centre.
    2. AI Camera-based Fire or Smoke Detection – Installing an AI camera at high value asset facilities, such as in an aircraft hangar, to visually detect fire or smoke so as to increase emergency reaction time.
    3. Facial Recognition Door Access System – AI cameras can be used to enhance safety and security features, such as facial recognition, at restricted areas.
    4. Unmanned Counter Monitoring System – An unmanned reception counter will be able to detect if service is required from the gestures for assistance received from the visitors at the counter as well as the presence of loitering within the vicinity. This increases the work productivity of office staff as they will only be required to respond to the unmanned counter when necessary.
    5. Mass Deployment Of IoT Devices Across Facilities – Many IoT devices, such as energy meters, temperature, humidity, and occupancy and lighting sensors, will be deployed across facilities to provide insights on how often these facilities have been utilised.
  3. 5G in Smart Facility Operations And For Maintenance
    1. Inspects For Cracks On Building Façade And Detects Faulty Solar Panel Hotspots – 5G-enabled cameras mounted on flying drones will replace laborious and dangerous operations such as inspecting building façade for cracks and detecting faulty solar panel hotspots. It enhances workers’ safety while maintaining building structure and retaining a higher energy harvest yield respectively.
    2. Mask On and Off Or Social Distancing Detection – An autonomous electric safety vehicle equipped with 5G-enabled cameras will patrol and check on those who flout mask-wearing and social distancing measures at business premises or facilities.

The 5G & AIoT Centre will be officially launched by Minister for Communications and Information, Mrs Josephine Teo, on 17 Nov 2021 in conjunction with the announcement of its plan to run the 5G Learning Journey for Enterprises periodically.

Examples of successful industrial cases:

W2 Industrial Services Hub Pte. Ltd’s project for NEA:

SP’s collaboration with Singapore Indoor Farm:

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Abbreviations Used:
The Internet of Things (IoT), The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), Equipment (Eqpt), Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)