Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

With the integration of digital technologies in manufacturing and the establishment of smart factories, the 4th industrial revolution, commonly known as “Industry 4.0” is catching on with manufacturers.  Moving from high volume, low-variety products to mass customization of unique product at lower cost, this personalised and mass production is made achievable due to highly connected, intelligent and autonomous system.  Hence, the term Smart factory will be commonly used to refer to highly digitized shop floor that continuously collects and shares data through connected machines, devices and production system.  The data can be used by self-optimizing devices or across the enterprises to proactively address issues, improve manufacturing processes and respond to new demands.

The Team

Dr KK Lee / Centre Director

Mr Alan Chan / Project Manager

Mr Steven Tan / Business Development Manager

Mr Chan Loy Soon / Project Manager


To be leading partner to transform SMEs with i4.0 technology, and to upskill workforce with emerging trainings.


To form an ecosystem consisting of SMEs and solution providers to develop innovation solutions for manufacturing industry.

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