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We Help You Grow Your Business

Singapore Polytechnic Business Innovation Centre aims to be the preferred partner of enterprises in your business transformation journey, by providing solutions to innovate your business, enhance productivity, build international connections, and to develop human capital capabilities.

The BIC services includes diagnosing business capability gaps, designing business capability development solutions and deploying them and follow up with determining if the solution is effective.

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Consultancy and Student Projects

Collaborate with SP staff and students to diagnose business gaps and develop business solutions.
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Professional Training

Short courses, customized training and specialist diplomas to upgrade your staff capability.
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Deployment of business solutions through SP enhanced Internship Programmes.


We are pleased to have worked with Singapore Polytechnic Business Innovation Centre on the overseas research project where we saw refreshing insights and interesting ideas from the students.


Group CEO, Jumbo Seafood Group

SP Innomall has given us a good platform to develop new marketing initiatives and tweak our existing ones. We see an opportunity in using high tech vending machines to reach out to more customers, especially youth. In addition, we see this collaboration with the students as our meaningful contribution to their learning journey.


General Manager, BRANDS Suntory Asia

I would like to thank the SP Business Innovation Centre team for providing us such excellent service, comparable to those run by the professionals, if not, better. Despite of our demanding timeline, the SP BIC team still manage to accommodate us without compromising on quality. I will strongly recommend SP BIC services to anyone who come to me for reference.


General Manager, DataPost Pte Ltd

We are ready to lead you into the future of business innovation. Contact us to learn more.