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Every enterprise is different; so too its operational challenges. Identifying and analysing business criticalities is important for transformation initiatives to yield quantifiable results. Company and Workforce Transformation (CWT) helps enterprises bridge solutions with training. To learn more, download our program brochure.

Company Transformation

In a technology driven and changing world, the ability to reinvent and adapt determines business success. More than ever, it is imperative for enterprises to consider ways to enhance business and operational efficiency. How to reduce cost overheads and optimise existing resources? What technologies to use or even upgrade? – Key questions and top of mind for every business.

Business Need Analysis

Understand the Current State, Realise the Change

Marked by disruption and volatility, today’s business environment requires enterprises to rethink their commercial strategies.

Business Needs Analysis (BNA) helps enterprises realise key drivers for enterprise change. Bringing out productivity and performance gaps in day-to-day workflows, Business Needs Analysis helps enterprises set the stage for successful Company and Workforce Transformation (CWT).

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Operation & Technology Roadmapping

Simplifying Selection and Application of Technology Solutions

Innovation doesn’t take place by chance, it needs to be planned. Need to know your strength and weaknesses. Operations and Technology Road-mapping (OTR) provides strategic answers to all the above. It helps enterprises determine what technologies to invest in, when and how to implement them. OTR results in a clear and systematic view to the optimal use of technology to drive innovation and competitiveness for mid and long-term business growth.

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Process Improvement

Eliminate Redundancies, Enhance Efficiency

Legacy processes tend to create bottlenecks in business operations, affecting quality, delivery and end user customer experiences.

Process Improvement (PI) helps enterprises identify, assess and upgrade existing business processes to optimise performance. Process Improvement (PI) facilitates enterprises to streamline workflows. Enterprises stand to gain from:

  • Improved product quality
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced wastage

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Digital Transformation

Co-creating Enterprise Digital Solutions

In today’s digital economy, technology and responsiveness evolve in tandem to determine enterprise success.

Digital Transformation (DT) helps enterprises integrate technology in all areas of business. Fundamentally, it co-creates solutions to support, implement and scale enterprise digitalisation plans. Digital Transformation (DT) leverages on data to drive customer-centric decisions. More than just technology, Digital Transformation (DT) fosters enterprise innovation, to help businesses grow market share and build their competitive edge.

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Project Management

Creating Greater Value for all Stakeholders

Project Management (PM) helps enterprise understand how to better manage projects. Effective project management is crucial in strengthening customer confidence and preventing loss of revenue.

Covering proven methodologies and tools, Project Management (PM) provides much-needed insights to project ensure success:

  • Mitigating project delays
  • Prevent cost overruns
  • Optimise resource allocations
  • Ensure strategic enterprise outcomes are fulfilled

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Data Discovery

What Does Your Data Tell You?

Data is Omni-present: it exists in sensors, RFID tags – streamlining and automating manual processes across the manufacturing production floor.

A user-oriented process, Data Discovery (DD) helps enterprises to uncover data patterns and trends visually to support business decision making. Using Design Thinking as a basis, Data Discovery (DD) is an iterative process, connecting users to efficiently analyse data for business insights.

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Data Visualisation

Creating Visual Narratives with Data

Getting real-time visibility on the manufacturing floor helps increase productivity and optimises operational performance.

Data Visualisation (DV) provides both predictive and prescriptive insights on enterprise production lines, supply chain and revenue streams. With the help of one-click visualisations and dashboards, enterprises can easily:

  • Observe consumer trends, spot outliers relative to enterprise needs
  • Scale business decision making processes
  • Optimise company-wide workflows that need attention or improvement

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Data Analytics

Actionable Insights to Drive Growth

The digital enterprise generates many data points. Analysed and mapped accurately, data can help reduce downtime, enhance operational efficiency and improve enterprise outcomes.

Data Analytics (DA) guides businesses on data wrangling, analytics and modelling techniques. Facilitating the application of Microsoft Excel and KNIME related skills and concepts, Data Analytics (DA) enables enterprises to analyse live data to optimise industry-based projects. With this, enterprises can efficiently tackle business problems, optimise and act on data for decision-making.

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Digital Build

The Smart Way to Build the Future

Still stuck in conventional CAD? How to achieve design integration, lean construction, reduced waste and paperless documentation? – These are but some key questions for any enterprise in the Design and Built Environment sector.

Digital Build (DB) provides custom training to develop Building Information Modelling [BIM] and Building Implementation Strategies [BIP] in a built environment enterprise. Progressive and innovative, Digital Build (DB) facilitates the use of technology to help companies in the Built Environment sector develop smart digital models to streamline design workflows.

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Digital Execution

Pioneering Digital Solutions to Transform the Built Environment Industry

Aligned to BCA’s industry roadmap to drive wider adoption of Integrated Digital Delivery [IDD] – Digital Execution (DE) provides custom training to guide enterprises on adopting and executing Building Information Modelling [BIM] in a Building Design or Construction Project.

Harnessing best-in-class digital solutions, Digital Execution (DE) facilitates the application and integration of innovative technologies to streamline Built Environment project delivery.

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Digital Ecosystem

Integrate and Digitalise the Entire Value Chain

BIM-related products, processes and people form a complex network of interactions.

Digital Ecosystem (DE) provides custom training to help companies understand Building Information Modelling Infrastructure and Ecosystem. Digital Ecosystem (DE) spans the built environment project lifecycle, streamlining processes and connecting stakeholders through digital data, innovation and technology.

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Workforce Transformation

With the demand for a tech-savvy and flexible workforce on the rise, enterprises are expecting to hire employees who can seamlessly slide into emerging roles. Factoring for professional skills development and employee advancement – Workforce Transformation (WT) paves the way for the holistic development of both technical and generic competencies.

Training Needs Analysis

Maximize Training ROI, Optimise Existing Resources

Training programs are pivotal for improving employee performance. The question is – did your enterprise benefit as expected?

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a critical requirement to help enterprises starting out on their training needs journey. It helps companies accurately address skills gaps and under performance issues, resulting from misaligned training needs. With insights gained from Training Needs Analysis (TNA), enterprises are better positioned to address performance gaps. This study can help businesses define how training can effectively manage such challenges.

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Workplace Training and Assessment

Bringing real-time training to the workplace

Attending offsite workplace learning programs or training sessions can disrupt day-to-day workflows.

Workplace Training and Assessment (WTA) helps enterprises impart On-the-job (OJT) learning to employees and conduct at work assessments, without them having to step out of the workplace. Additionally, Workplace Training (WTA) helps HR departments better manage and deliver custom workplace training, mapping in creating effective skills development modules that match:

  • Job requirements
  • Qualification levels
  • Competency parameters

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Job Redesign

The Right Person, For the Right Position

From front-of-house to the manufacturing floor, I4.O automation is increasingly, affecting traditional job roles across workplaces globally. With the influx of tech and robotics streamlining manual processes, more and more work functions are now being rendered obsolete. To this end, enterprises are compelled to rethink, and reimagine job roles to create greater value for employee and enterprise.

Job Redesign (JR) helps businesses align employee competencies to meet current and future business needs. Leveraging the concept of fit-for-purpose, Job Redesign (JR) supports enterprises to:

  • Optimise employee performance
  • Accelerate enterprise innovation and growth
  • Increasing revenue and profitability
  • Mitigate employee attrition costs

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