Technology, Innovation and Enterprise

Technology & Innovation Centres (TIC) promotes multi-disciplinary & cross-functional projects between Singapore Polytechnic and its business and industry partners. It positions Singapore Polytechnic as the source of technology, innovation and information for the business and industry partners. In the long run, this will enable the business and industry partners to move up the value-chain.


About Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE)

Department for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (TIE) provides strategic overview of industry-linked R&D projects and collaborations in Singapore Polytechnic. TIE seeks to support industrial relation needs through successful commercialisation of R&D. It includes intellectual property management of SP technologies which translates to commercialisable IP, eventually resulting in technology licensing and creation of spin-offs.


To lead SP Technology Group to be Human-centric in the areas of “Improving Quality of Life” and “Human Advancement” in technology and innovation excellence benefiting people and society.


To unify SP Technology Group in Innovating and Creating technologies to be Human-centric and to chart SP Technology Roadmap and Strategy Plans to fulfil this objective for contribution to the Industry and SP’s internal teaching and learning.


Our Roles

TIC enables Singapore Polytechnic to play the following dual roles.

For Institution:

  1. Develop staff capability in new technologies
  2. Provide an authentic learning environment to train solution-minded students
  3. Benefit Singapore’s workforce through conducting continuing education and training

For Industry:

  1. Develop novel technologies and solutions
  2. Provide resources and capabilities to accelerate such developments
  3. Identify interdisciplinary and translational research projects
  4. Create technology transfer and commercialisation opportunities
  5. Assist industry move up the value chain

Apart from the TICs, we are segmented into several teams namely:

  1. Planning & Partnerships – supports the TICs and the wider SP research community in project planning, technology transfer and commercialisation and provides administrative support for internal and external grants;
  2. IP & Legal – supports the TICs and the wider SP research community in IP Management and Legal matters;
  3. Operations – supports the TICs in project and budget management; and manages Innovillage and supports the TICs on infrastructure & IT matters.


Singapore Polytechnic partners industry players by collaborating in projects, as well as through offering technology licensing opportunity. Take a look at some of our technology licensing opportunities now.