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Ms. Cecilia Mak Lye Kin

Research Interest: Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, Streaming Analytics, Text Analytics, etc.

Cecilia is an experienced Microsoft Office Trainer, specializing in the Microsoft Office desktop applications. She has worked as an End-User Analyst with National Computer Board, providing IT support, training and consulting services to government agencies. She has many years of teaching experience in SP. Part of her work in SP include corporate training in the IT department. She has provided in-house IT training to SP Staff on campus-wide software. As a Senior Lecturer at SP, she teaches data analysis modules using software applications and delivers design thinking programs. She develops course materials, leads lectures, group activities and delivers Microsoft Office workshops for public and private companies. She has also proven her expertise with successful completion of Microsoft Office Specialist, Expert & Master certifications.

Ms. Charlotte Poh

Research Interest: Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Optimization

Charlotte worked as a research scientist in the applied defense research field, specialising in machine learning for speech and image processing. As a lecturer at SP, she teaches Mathematics, Statistics and Data Analytics and participates in data analytics projects.

Ms. Chia Tien Chern

Research Interest: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

Ms. Chia was Senior Member of Technical Staff at DSO National Laboratories researching in the area of computer vision in Defence Applications prior to joining SP. She has also obtained Master of Technology (Knowledge Engineering), NUS-ISS. Ms. Chia is currently lecturing in SP in areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Analytics, and part of the team to coordinate training. Scholar Citations: Yao, Jian Chao & Chern, Chia. (2001). The practice of automatic satellite image registration. Yao, Jian Chao & Chern, Chia. (2001). Comparison of Newton-Gauss with Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for space resection.

Dr. Chia Hui Teng

Research Interest: Educational Research, Visual Analytics

Dr Chia is a keen educational researcher and an experienced academic mentor at the post-secondary level.  Her expertise is in qualitative research with a deep interest in sense-making, statistical literacy and data-storytelling.  As a consultant with DSAC, Dr Chia is involved in the training and development of data analytics for IHL students and adult learners.  Some of her recent projects include serving as an academic reviewer for MOE Singapore, a research collaboration with EDU SP and ALSET NUS, and co-designing an institutional-wide module with Tableau on analytics thinking.  In her spare time, Dr Chia enjoys playing video games with her son, binge-watching Netflix, and travelling with her family.

Ms. Dora Chua

Research Interest: Internet Of Things (IoT), Big Data Platforms (Hadoop), Streaming Analytics (Spark), Cognitive Services (Image Recognition/ Chatbots), cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

Ms. Dora has a breadth of experience in developing desktop, web-based and mobile applications using various programming languages such as C#, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C++ etc. Besides her strength in application development, she is also proficient in other areas such as database design/ administration, user interface design and data visualization. She was awarded with the Accenture Gold Medal as the top student in her Master degree course with the Institute of System Science (ISS) at NUS in 2011. Ms. Dora is a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) trainer.

Dr. Edna Chan

Research InterestAI, Learning Analytics, Optimization

Dr Edna received her PhD in Operations Research. Her research interests fall broadly under the categories of optimization and advanced analytics, with a special interest towards applications in learning innovation. She has built learning systems supported by national funding sources such as MOE Innovation fund, and MTI-MOF Public Private Co-Innovation Fund. In recognition for her teaching excellence, Dr Edna has received several teaching awards; the most recent award being the SP Educator Award in 2019. She currently heads SP Data Science and Analytics Centre, and is also the Deputy Director of SP School of Mathematics and Science.

Dr. Jaya Shreeram

Research Interest:  Statistical Modelling / Predictive Analytics Theory, System Quality and Reliability by Statistical Design

Dr. Jaya received his PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. His research interests include Statistical Modelling and Predictive Analytics theory. He has supervised several postgraduate research work and has published in the area of System Quality and Reliability by Statistical Design. He has a record of teaching and working in the higher education industry. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic where he teaches Mathematics, Statistics and Data Analytics and is the Course Chair of the Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Predictive Analytics) program offered by Singapore Polytechnic.

Dr. Kathiresan Manickam

Research Interest: Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics

Dr. Kathiresan has more than 15 years of experience working in healthcare and government sectors. His focus in earlier days was on digital signal processing and he developed a tool used at ENT clinics. Subsequently, his focus was on data analytics leading projects that were commentated by Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Manpower. He undertook longitudinal studies, developed predictive models for construction and government sectors, survey studies to understand landscape transformation food & beverage and healthcare sectors and cross agency pilot studies i.e. Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Manpower, land Transport and Traffic Police Singapore. He had overseen several projects with external consultants such as Blackbox (Healthcare project), Deloitte (Construction project) etc. He had authored and co-authored over 15 peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings till date. Currently, he is lecturing on Data Analytics, Business Statistics and IT & Data Analysis for Business.

Mrs. Kok-Mak Chew Pheng

Research Interest: Data mining and its applications in education and the health sciences

Mrs Kok teaches Biostatistics and Engineering Mathematics in SP. She participates in data analytic projects which focus on addressing academic performance and learning behavior issues among students in the School of Mathematics & Science.

Ms. Leong Fong Sow

Research Interest:  Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Internet Computing, Curriculum Design

Ms. Leong is a keen software developer and an experienced educator with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She is skilled in Curriculum Development and Web/Mobile Application Development. She had served as the Chairperson of the course management team of the Diploma in Business Information Technology and Diploma in Information Technology offered by Singapore Polytechnic.

Ms. Luan QianQian

Research Interest: Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Text Analytics

QianQian has research interest in Data Visualization using various tools such as R, Python, Power BI, Tableau and Microstrategy. She is also well versed in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Text Analytics using Python and R. She conducts training and short courses for public and corporate on visualization software and data analytics.

Ms. May Lim

Research InterestData Visualization, Data and Statistics Analysis and Fintech

With background in Banking and Finance, May has practical experience in financial management and data analysis, and strong foundation in statistical and economic principles. She is currently lecturing in SP in areas of Business Statistics. Along with the centre director, May manages DSAC’s projects.

Dr. Peter Leong

Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing

Dr. Leong is an experienced Technopreneur in high-tech hardware and software technology companies. He is always keen to take advantage of new emerging technologies to improve lives and add economic value. He has played varied roles in his high-tech career as Researcher, Academic, Project Manager, Software Architect, and Software Developer in a wide variety of Internet, ubiquitous and mobile applications.

Mr. Prasanna Rao

Research Interest: Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Machine Learning

Prasanna Rao worked for several years in the IT industry implementing data related projects in the Telco, Transportation and Banking domains. He has taught Business Intelligence (BI), Data Visualization and Machine Learning in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) and has implemented several BI and Dashboard Design projects in the IHLs. Certifications:

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist
  • Qlikview 11 Certified Designer
  • “Data Scientist with Python” certificate jointly awarded by AI SG and Datacamp
  • Oracle Certified Professional (10g, 9i, 8)

Dr. Robert Straughan

Research Interest:  Data Mining, Text Analytics, Optimization

Dr. Straughan worked for several years in the U.S. as a chemical engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry before receiving his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. After relocating to Singapore, he worked at a Japanese MNC where he developed mathematical libraries for vector supercomputers, and at a research institute where he led a team that carried out commercial data mining projects. As a Senior Lecturer at SP, he teaches statistics and data mining, and leads data analytics projects. He is the course chair of the Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics).

Dr. Tang U-Liang

Research Interest:Data Visualization, Data analytics, AI and machine learning

Dr Tang is a consultant with DSAC and has been involved in projects involving statistical modelling and data analytics. He has experience dealing with sales, Geospatial and labor market data with both the private and public sector. In his free time, he enjoys reading, a good cup of coffee and building websites.

Dr. Zhang Xiaoming

Research Interest:Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Scheduling Optimization

Dr. Xiaoming has years of industry experience working as a senior researcher on projects in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Machine Learning. He received his Ph.D. of Engineering (Computing Science) in 2001, published numerous technical papers and books on IoT and applications of DSA.

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