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DTUX 2021

2021 opens up an array of possibilities as the world starts to unpause and reboot. As we transit from pandemic to endemic and navigate through a new normal, the human spirit adapts and re-learn the ways of how to live, work and play. This unfamiliar hybrid world poses unprecedented challenges and unlocks new opportunities for businesses and organisations to transform the ways of engagement with their users,  both in the physical and digital worlds.

Being Human in a Hybrid World – Centralising the Human Experience in a Phygital World” is this theme of this year’s DT|UX Summit @ Singapore Polytechnic. It explores how we can make sense of this hybridity of work and life and what it takes to bridge the gaps and overcome the challenges  in these times of volatility. What are some good strategies and case studies that we can learn from? What are the tools and framework we can adopt to address user’s pain points?

JOIN OUR LIVE STREAMING of a panel of speakers who are excited to share their views on strategies in preserving the core essence of human experience as we navigate the Phygital world. Our panel comprises accomplished UX designers/practitioners from a wide range of fields, such as technology, education, food & beverage, retail and consumer products.



Andrea Kates

Andrea Kates is the Managing Director at Futureproofing: Next, United States. Andrea equips leaders with a new mindset and better tools to Get to Next—the next opportunity for business impact or organizational change. Her process for future growth is informed by data, technology, cross-industry insights and business model innovation. The original tools prepare leaders to Get to Next—discover + deliver innovation at scale. Andrea’s topic is “How Not to Straddle in the Phygital World”

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Lisa Hood

Lisa Hood is the Senior Director for Global Beauty R&D Innovation Design at Procter & Gamble, Singapore. Lisa led the creative team of industrial and digital designers to design irresistible projects to fuel the growth of existing brands like Olay, Safeguard and Pantene. In addition, they envision future opportunities and incubate new beauty experiences using P&G’s lean innovation “Growthworks” framework. 

Lisa’s topic is “Evolving Consumer Experience, in Product & Design” Product Design in Consumer Package Goods has evolved as consumers discover, purchase and connect with brands and beauty products online. Speaking from the P&G Singapore Innovation Center, Lisa will share case studies and learnings that showcase how the P&G R&D Design team develops compelling consumer experiences in physical and digital spaces.

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Fu Yong Hong

Fu Yong Hong is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Greendot Group, Singapore. Fu Yong Hong manages Greendot, an Asian-Fusion meat free, fast casual dining concept and Lotus Vegetarian, a dim sum Chinese restaurant under the Group. At 32, Yong Hong aspires to build a company based on compassion and selflessness, that is customer oriented and to provide all-rounded care for the physical and emotional needs of his employees.

Yong Hong’s topic is “Designing the Art of Talent Attraction and Culture Building” In the current landscape where manpower is a huge challenge for many F&B SME companies, Yong Hong will share about how F&B industry can deploy design thinking to attract the people suitable for organisations. People is the greatest asset in Greendot and in order to build up a competitive edge for the organization, the management has constantly worked on attracting talents, even with LIMITED RESOURCES in a war for talent.  In order to make this talent attraction process more efficient and consistent, organisations needs to learn how to design their culture to attract the people specifically suitable for them. The key is to be authentic and consistent. Yong Hong will also share about the human capital challenges he faced in his Greendot Journey with very specific and applicable methods to motivate and retain good employees and to build a culture of excellence leadership in a SME setting.

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Joycelyn Chua

Joycelyn Chua is the Design Lead for TraceTogether at GovTech, Singapore. TraceTogether –  first nationwide deployment of a privacy-preserving digital contact tracing system, also the team that open-sourced the technology as a beta for other government and Big Tech. In her work and personal interest, she has been exploring technology for social good through inclusive design and psychological safety. 

Joycelyn’s topic is “Beyond the screen in a phygital world” In creating a more “human” user experience, we often look deep into our users’ needs. What if it was equally important to consider our – i.e. the development team’s – own needs? How could that help us, collectively, navigate the phygital world?

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Reuben Yong

Reuben Yong is the Head of Digital Platforms, Retail and Workspace at CapitaLand, Singapore. Reuben Yong has over 10 years of industry experience in driving digital transformation, business development, marketing, and loyalty program management. Reuben directly oversees one of Singapore’s largest coalition programs, comprising CapitaLand’s Lifestyle and Shopping Rewards Program – CapitaStar, CapitaLand’s Omni-Channel eCommerce Platforms – eCapitaMall and Capita3Eats, CapitaLand Retail’s Voucher Platform – CapitaVoucher and eCapitaVoucher, Payment Program – CapitaCard and CapitaLand’s Digital Workspace Solution and Innovation – CapitaStar@Work. In his role, Reuben is responsible for all areas of CapitaLand Singapore’s Digital Ecosystem– from driving omni-channel innovation through digitalization, identification of new revenue streams, to strategic partnerships with the aim of augmenting CapitaLand Singapore’s core businesses.

Reuben’s topic is “Learn how CapitaLand builds a unified commerce system for customer engagement.” Discover how CapitaLand develops omnichannel e-commerce capabilities with CapitaStar for a unified offline-to-online retail experience to keep customers engaged.

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Randy Hunt

Randy Hunt is the Head of Design at Grab, Singapore. He leads a team of designers, writers, and researchers who create Southeast Asia’s Super App. Randy is the author of Product Design for the Web, which explores the evolving discipline of product design for today’s connected world. 

Randy’s topic is “Designing for Humans by Learning from Ground Truths.” If we want to make the human experience central to our digital work, we need to talk with, listen to, observe, and use what we learn to shape our decisions. Randy shares some direct examples of how this is applied in practice, at scale.

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Maaike Doyer

Maaike Doyer is the CFO of Business Models Inc, Entrepreneur and Advisory Board Member of DesignSingapore Council. Maaike’s deep experience as a strategy designer and CFO of BMI is easily translated through her energy and presence as a speaker. She supports organizations with strategy, innovation, new business model design and validation.

Maaike’s topic is “Business Model Shift” 6 new ways to create new value for customers. 6 patterns were identified through analysis from hundreds of companies and their business models. These various shifts will raise awareness of changing consumer needs and allow businesses to take away framework to remodel their strategy in this ‘Phygital’ world.

  1. The Services Shift: the move from product towards services that get the job done for customers

  2. The Stakeholder Shift: the move from a shareholder orientation towards creating value for all stakeholders

  3. The Digital Shift: the move from fragmented business operations towards always being connected to customers needs

  4. The Platform Shift: the move from underserved towards directly connecting people to exchange value

  5. The Exponential Shift: the move from improving 10% towards exponential thinking and 10x growth

  6. The Circular Shift: the move from take-make-dispose towards restorative, regenerative, and circular value creation

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Mario Van Der Meulen purpose-built himself to innovate for businesses. He is a designer-strategist with over 25 years of international experience, a speaker and published author. He is originally from Belgium but has lived and worked in Asia this entire century, having moved to Shanghai in 2000 and relocated to Singapore in 2013. In 2012 he was named ‘One of Fifty Innovation Design Pioneers in China’ by CBN Weekly. Blending design, research and strategy, he shapes the now, near and next for brands to excel in current cultures – and in the rapidly unfolding future.

Mario will be returning to our DT|UX Summit for the third time to moderate for the first time our plenary discussion.

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Join subject matter experts in any one of the following break-out sessions as they dive deeper into some of the key topics that were touched on by our plenary speakers in the morning.

Workshop 1
Commercialization Opportunities from Work, Live and Play in a Phygital World
facilitated by Lendlease and SP School of Business

As the landscape continually evolves to meet phygital challenges, Lendlease as a global integrated real estate and investment group is pushing new frontiers of value creation in places where people work, live and play. Places of the future will not be judged by how technologically advanced they are, but by how well they learn, adapt and respond to the needs of the people and the natural environment.

Adrian Lee, Director of Operations, Asia will provide insights on:

  • Evolution of “phygital” and the associated commercial opportunities in real estate.
  • Commercial opportunities in creating strong and connected communities:
    • How we build: Digital transformation of how we design and build next generation places, through combining digital tech, data and advanced analytics
    • How we transact: Future-proofing retail malls and workplaces
    • How we go green: Sustainable and efficient operations of real estate
  • Unique leadership traits needed to optimise commercial opportunities in a phygital world.

Workshop 2
Past, Present, Future of Immersive Technology
facilitated by Hiverlab and SP School of Chemical & Life Sciences

This session will introduce the history of AR/VR technology, the present development in the space and evolution of Mixed Reality, and the future of this technology (otherwise known as immersive technology). Yuan Yi, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Hiverlab will also speak about how immersive technology will change the way we live, work and play.

Workshop 3
Women in Design (Starts at 3:30pm SGT, GMT +8)
facilitated by Designful Company and Prudential Assurance Company with SP School of Media, Arts and Design

The value of gender diversity is manifold. Gender diversity can make companies more innovative and agile, improve financial performance, boost the organisations’ culture and ability to attract better talent, and better their brand perception in the market (Source: Boston Consulting Group). Despite the growing opportunities in the design and technology sector, there is still an observable lack of representation by women in the sector, particularly in leadership positions. 

In this breakout session, Jin Kang Møller, Author of The Simplicity Playbook, Design Director of Designful Company  and Magdalene Loh, Head of Innovation, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore will open a conversation on what the journeys they’ve ventured to get to where they are. Does being a woman make a difference in how they approach design and leadership in the design sphere? Does the proverbial glass ceiling still exist in the design industry? What do we see for women in design moving forward?

Workshop 4
Mental Well-Being in a Phygital World
facilitated by Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre and SP School of Architecture & Built Environment

Maintaining work life harmony and a good state of mental well-being in a phygital world is important. Join this session to rethink how we can adjust our way of working – blending onsite physical working and focused on remote working, in our new phygital world. Grace Yang, Senior Director of Human Resources & Business Solutions for Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre will also share on how we can enjoy this hybrid way of working arrangement with style and happiness!

Workshop 5
Being Human in a Hybrid World – Rethinking your Business Models
facilitated by Business Models Inc and SP School of Business

Maaike Doyer, CFO of Business Models Inc, Entrepreneur and Advisory Board Member of DesignSingapore Council will share her experiences working with institutes of higher learning to bring value of student work in industry projects. This session will also showcase the capabilities of students in the application of Design Thinking and the portfolio of work contributed by the students at Singapore Polytechnic. 

Workshop 6
Discovering Communication, Collaboration and Connection in a Phygital World
facilitated by Insights & SP School of Business

Just like the world, people are constantly changing: the more the environment changes externally, the more likely we will have to adapt internally. This session will explore

  •  Staying connected in a world dominated by social isolation
  •  Adapting in the face of rapid change and collaborating under pressure
  •  Understanding skilled communication within and across teams

The Insights Discovery model is a simple and accessible four-colour model that helps people understand more about themselves and others. It creates a common language that allows individuals to view their personal preferences in relation to those of others. This interactive session with Mark Leisegang, Head of Products at Insights Discovery together with his team will allow you to learn and share from each other as we rediscover how we can communicate, collaborate and connect in a phygital world.

Workshop 7
Leveraging Digital Tools to Design Human Centred Innovations
facilitated by User Experience Centre

Join UXC’s team of Designers as they take you on a journey of exploring digital tools like MIRO and mobile applications like DIMI to design human-centered innovation in space, product and service enhancements. It will be led by Assistant Director Teoh Swee Bing and Designers Julie Lee, Azizah Abdullah, Lorena Ting, Lee Kuan Yi & Cao Yan Yan.

In lieu of charging admission fees, we are inviting you to donate to SP Needy Fund. With this donation, we will be able to help existing students who are in need of financial support to pursue an education with us.