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About ECTC

The technology revolution brought about many changes to today’s chemical industry. From harnessing the connectivity of IoT to teaching an AI entity to predict circumstances. Energy & Chemicals Training Centre (ECTC) bridge the skills gap between core competency and digital technology as part of the national drive towards Industry 4.0.

At ECTC, we help companies build strong digital capabilities & transform digitally through a Pedagogical Approach of Mindset, Skillsets & Behaviour as a One-Stop Training and Solutioning Partner for the Energy & Chemicals Sector.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Authentic Learning with Use of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is the Sector Coordinator for the Energy and Chemicals sector, inclusive of Specialty Chemicals, as appointed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) under the SkillsFuture initiative. With the setting up of Energy and Chemicals Training Centre (ECTC), SP is well positioned to serve the key players in the Sector, and these include both multinational corporations (MNCs) as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

ECTC comprises a suite of laboratories anchored by an integrated pilot plant and other key unit operations typically found in the Energy and Chemicals sector. This will help companies develop highly qualified workers in process operations, troubleshooting and optimisation, digitalisation as well as process automation. These capabilities will be developed through simulated practice and the use of data analytics.


To be the Preferred One-Stop Training and Solutioning Partner for the Energy & Chemicals Sector


To offer comprehensive training programmes to up-skill and re-skill workforce for the Energy & Chemicals sector

To build an ecosystem to sustain talent pipeline for the Energy & Chemicals sector

Process Operations X-SPace

The Process Operations X-SPace is an integrated chemical processing facility. It mainly houses pilot plant size unit operations that are continuous in nature, advance process management systems and equipped with a control room with Distributed Control System (DCS) capabilities.

Control House

The Control House enables students to use the DCS to operate the Integrated Pilot Plant (IPP) remotely, understand the process trends and data, as well as practice proper communication between ‘fieldman’ and ‘panelman’ during operation.


Connect is a discussion area for lecturers and students to interact and collaborate with one another to make meaningful learning.

Engineering Sciences Laboratory

The Engineering Sciences Laboratory enables learners to combine chemical engineering concepts and predictive capabilities of fundamental physical sciences with the aim of designing and controlling industrial unit operations.

Process++ Laboratory

The Process++ Laboratory is a pharmaceutical and chemicals process innovation and development laboratory that is resource-efficient and highly flexible environment for process scale-up and innovation projects.

Utilities Room

The Utilities Room houses two electric boilers, a compressor and several chemical cabinets. The electric boiler provides steam supply to the unit operations in the Process Operations XSPace. The compressor provides instrument and plant air to the instruments in each pilot

Chemical Product Design Laboratory

The Chemical Product Design Laboratory enables learners to innovate new products by apply chemical engineering principles and design thinking. It is a fail-safe environment to construct quick-and-dirty prototypes, develop and innovate existing or new products or solutions to meet proof of concept purposes.

Virtualisation Room

The Virtualisation Room provides a safe-environment for students to learn to response to what-if scenarios, such as chemical spill and emergency evacuation, in a virtual environment via immersive experience.

Process Operations Laboratory

The Process Operations Laboratory enables students to experience industry specific application of manufacturing and processing, including batch production, oil storage and materials movement.

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