Energy and Chemicals Training Centre


Building A Sustainable Future

From the car you travel in, to the shampoo you wash your hair with today, almost everything we use is a by-product or finished product of the Energy and Chemicals Industry. Singapore is one of the world’s leading hubs, and the Energy and Chemicals Training Centre (ECTC) provides capability training and promotes the development of innovative solutions.

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About Us

The Energy and Chemicals Training Centre (ECTC) drives and sustains business development in the following key industry areas:

Energy and Chemicals (E&C), Specialty Chemicals, Biologics and Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Chemicals.


What We Do

Leadership & Mentoring
  • Help businesses develop highly qualified workers in process operations, troubleshooting and optimisation, digitalisation as well as process automation
  • Provide capability training in product development and innovation, which has been identified by Economic Development Board as a growth sector

We are ready to lead you into the future of engineering and chemical. Contact us to learn more.