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Part-time & Post Diploma Courses

Workforce Skills Qualifications

Short & Modular Courses


Work-Study Programme

Full/Part Time Diploma

  • Full-time Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Part-time Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Professional Conversion Programme (Chemical Manufacturing)
  • Part-Time Diploma in Applied Science (Industry Chemistry & Life Sciences)

Earn & Learn Programme (ELP)

  • Advanced Diploma (AD) in Chemical Engineering
  • ELP leading to Diploma in Applied Science (Chemical Laboratory Technology)
  • ELP Maintenance Technician

SkillsFuture Series Course

(i) Data Analytics

  • Fundamental data analysis unsing Excel 2016
  • Visual Analytics using Power BI
  • Predictive Analysis for Maintenance

(ii) Advanced Manufacturing

  • Technology and Applications of Digital Transformation and Robotics
  • IoT and Hybrid Mobile Apps Development
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

And many more…

WSQ Monitor Noise and Vibration

Short & Modular Courses

  • Bite-sized programme for Process Technician
  • Introduction to Digital Workplace Transformation
  • Bite-Sized for Laboratory Technologist


Company Workforce Transformation

Company Workforce Transformation is a collection of tools to enable companies to implement learning within the learner’s work environment. It aims to strengthen workforce competency efficiently to achieve optimal performance.

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ECTC Learning Journey

The ECTC Learning Journey helps participants understand more about our centre’s training, consultancy services as well as digital solutions. Contact Us to find out how advanced manufacturing and digital solution can bring benefits to your organisation and workforce today.

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SP has an aspiration to have a deep involvement of industry in curriculum determination and delivery, with strong industry presence on campus and strong learners participation in industry.

Real World

We would like to collaborate with industry to augment real world learning for our students and developed staff capability.


An industry co-location partnership will provide mutual benefits to both SP and industry in terms of T&L and research.


Helps to build commitment and confidence in students through direct interaction with industry.

Click here to learn more about co-location with SP as a strategic industry partners today.

We are ready to lead you into the future of chemical industry innovation. Contact us to learn more.