COMING SOON : Innovate to Elevate – Exploring Opportunities for Bakery Industry

By July 23, 2020 July 29th, 2020 No Comments


With the on-going mayhem brought about by COVID-19 still with no end in sight, it will not be business as usual. It’s more important than ever for businesses to reinvent themselves to better seek out new opportunities amid potential growth areas. The global pandemic has pushed health concerns to the top of the agenda, opening opportunity for bakery brands to address consumer interest in a better-for-you products. It has also highlighted the importance of rethinking production processes and product packaging to adapt and access new channels or markets.

As part of the broader efforts in encouraging healthy living in Singapore and encouraging the local bakery industry to innovate and elevate to a higher ground, Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC), in collaboration with industry partners, are bringing you a series of knowledge transfer journey targeting the bakery, snacks and confectionery sectors so as to empower you with food science technology and solutions. Join us in a short online webinar “Innovate to Elevate: Exploring Opportunities for Bakery Industry” to spur your businesses forward through innovation. Gain a deeper understanding on emerging opportunities and technologies to transform your business during COVID-19 and beyond.

Note: Webinar participant will be invited to attend a bakery workshop targeted to be held at the end of the year. During this workshop, you will be able to taste FIRC’s healthier products innovation, viewing of packaging solutions and live demonstration of smart weighing that will be shared during the webinar.

Webinar Highlights:

  1. Gain insights on trends and modern baking technologies to open up new market and sales channels.
  2. Learn more about packaging solutions in the bakery industry to improve the product shelf life and quality.
  3. Understand how smart machines can improve your production efficiency by helping to reduce human errors and ingredient wastes.