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Develop and Discover

FIRC’s innovative and technical resources allow us to provide consultancy services in plenty of Food & Beverage areas.


The process to develop new products starts with an evaluation session of the current market products and processing technologies with our marketing and technical staff. We work closely with our clients to generate a list of potential food concepts that align with the idea the client had for the final product.

Once a promising concept is agreed upon, our product and process innovation teams develop bench-top prototypes to be evaluated by our clients. The finalised formulation will then be scaled up at our pilot plant and/or the client’s manufacturing facility.

Development of functional foods

Reformulation for reduced fat, salt and sugar

Replacement of additives with natural alternatives

Innovative new uses of existing ingredients

Optimisation of process parameters

Sample preparation for trade shows and presentation to potential investors and clients


The right packaging is crucial to the success of a product, both in terms of maintaining quality, minimising food waste and driving sales.

FIRC’s shelf life evaluation process assists manufacturers in selecting the appropriate ingredients, process and packaging materials to maximise product shelf life during transportation, retail display and consumer storage.

Assess product, process and package compatibility

Ascertain barrier properties, leak and seal integrity

Establish alternative material options such as lightweight packaging


Consumer insight and analyses can assist companies to make informed decisions about their business and product development plan.

Our facility allows clients to investigate and elicit consumer opinions for a wide variety of food and beverage products through the use of both qualitative and quantitative test methods supported by the latest sensory software.

Use of internationally recognised qualitative and/or quantitive sensory methods

Studies carried out in segregated sensory booths equipped with user-friendly sensory software

Data analysis and interpretation


Our process engineers are able to assist food companies to improve and optimise productivity through the adoption of technology, process re-engineering, automation and design customisation to resolve production issues and challenges.

Source and recommend equipments

Process re-engineering and optimisation

Improve productivity with connectivity with customised solutions


As patterns of food preferences evolve with changes to our daily living and social habits, there is a need to focus more on meeting the everyday needs of the consumer. To develop solutions for these consumers, the innovation process needs to understand how these users think and feel about a product.

Through the use of Design Thinking principles, FIRC can assist your company to elicit consumer empathy, engage in frequent prototyping and foster collaboration with the target audience for your product to discover new opportunities within the food domain. FIRC is equipped with dedicated facilities for the pilot plant, test kitchen, application laboratories and sensory suite. Together with our team of full-time professionals, we provide an avenue for the food industry to find solutions to their needs.

Voice of the Consumer

Design Thinking Principles

New Product Innovation

We are ready to lead you into the future of food innovation. Contact us to learn more.

The Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) was launched in 2007 as a joint initiative between Singapore Polytechnic and Enterprise Singapore (previously SPRING Singapore). We are established to provide food enterprises with technical expertise in new product and process development including packaging, shelf life evaluation, market testing and automation.

We are located at Singapore Polytechnic, 500 Dover Road, Block T11B Level 3 Room 301,  Singapore 139651.

Do contact us via 6879 0634  or