Product and Packaging Innovation Workshops/Showcases

By October 17, 2020

Product and Packaging Innovation Workshops/Showcases

As a continuation to the bakery webinar titled “Innovate to Elevate: Exploring Opportunity for the Bakery Industry“, Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) @ Singapore Polytechnic, in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Singapore Bakery & Confectionery Trade Association (SBCTA), have jointly organised three sessions of onsite product and packaging innovation workshops/showcases that were being held on Friday 16 October 2020. One of the primary objectives of these See, Taste and Learn journeys are to allow food companies to better understand some of the available innovation solutions and encourage them to innovate and elevate their businesses to a higher level.

In these learning trips, participants from over 30 food companies are able to view demonstrations on various product and packaging innovation solutions that could confer the capability in improving product value, quality and shelf life. Participants also have the chance to experience through a consumer sensory evaluation study being conducted at FIRC dedicated Sensory facility with the tasting of five products, namely as follow:

1. Sugar-Free Mooncake

2. Kueh Lapis (that can be stored at room temperature for ONE MONTH)

3. Low G.I. White Bread

4. Healthier Butter Cake

5. Gluten-Free Steamed Cake