Industry Engagement at
Singapore Polytechnic

In light of industry transformation, SP aims to position itself as an industry relevant polytechnic that is proactive and responsive to the needs of the industry. SP is committed to partner Trade Associations and Chambers, Alumni, strategic companies and government agencies to jointly develop ecosystems to build talent readiness, enhance productivity and innovation, and explore overseas business opportunities. The ultimate aim is to help SMEs to build strong digital capabilities to make them more agile, productive and learning. No matter which stage a company is at, SP will journey with them to attain the level to which they aspire.

In order to help SMEs embrace the ITM, SP will assist by leveraging on our “Mindset, Skillsets, Behaviours” pedagogical approach. The foundational belief is that embracing a mindset, skillsets and behaviour model will ignite a transformational change within SMEs. This approach first requires a change in mindset, then a deepening of skillsets and finally helping the SMEs with a sustained support of the newly acquired behaviours. This pedagogical approach shapes the fundamental principle behind SP’s Industry Engagement model



IE Engagement Model - Manufacturing
IE Engagement Model - AMC ECTC
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Built Environment

IE Engagement Model - Construction
IE Engagement Model - BIMC
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Trade & Connectivity

IE Engagement Model - Maritime
IE Engagement Model - Maritime SP
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IE Engagement Model - Lifestyle
IE Engagement Model - FIRC
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Domestic Services

IE Engagement Model - Healthcare
IE Engagement Model - DHIC
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Modern Services

IE Engagement Model - Modern Service
IE Engagement Model - DSAC BIC
IE Engagement Model - DSAC
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SP as an Experiential Learning Mall

At Singapore Polytechnic, we aspire to become a global learning hub where opportunities are unending and potential limitless. Through our pedagogical approach of changing mindsets, deepening skill sets and behaviours, we hope to inspire a new wave of businesses, driven by possibilities. We’re transforming our campus into an experiential learning mall where every cornerstone is an experience waiting to unfold.

Here we have an overview of SP’s capabilities and specialisation in each industry sector presented in AR (only for Android users for now). Click on the image below to try out.

SP Industry Partners

IE Engagement Model - Industry

Acrats Training Services
Ai Singapore
Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Sartorius Stedim
Singapore Fintech Association

Singapore Press Holdings
SP Group
ST Aerospace
ST Kinetics
Waseda University


SP works with a group of companies who are Pioneers to experiment, conceptualise and implement solutions.


SP works with solution providers to offer solutions packages and technologies for company’s i4.0 adoption.

achieveto achieve…

Complimenting mindset change and skills deepening, SP will help to transform the company structure and culture to enable a behavioral change for sustainable adoption.


Training Needs Analysis
A diagnostic report will be submitted to company by SP’s TNA experts after collecting information regarding the company’s current state, analyse the findings, performance gaps and needs in the context of human resource development.


To introduce the right pedagogy to deliver the training programme, SP is well equipped in various methods of teaching and learning such as e-learning, blended learning, over the shoulder coaching or with the usage of technology such as augmented and virtual reality.


Certified Trainer
Supervisors will undergo a Train-the-Trainer programme to be equip with knowledge and skills to identify potential learning gaps, introduce quick interventions that can help close the skills gap, and do proper assessment to ensure their team members have acquired the intended competencies.


Training Roadmap
SP will develop the company Training Roadmap in reference to the Skills Framework. Companies have the flexibility to stack several bit size module into bite-size modules which eventually can be stackable to become a certification.


Through workplace training, SP allow the learners to stack up the bit or bite size modules for formal qualification or certification with SP.


On-Site Training
SP trainers will train the company trainers to conduct the required training at their own workplace based on the training curriculum developed by SP.


The company trainers will be equipped with the necessary skills to conduct assessment and evaluation