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In preparation for our new Singapore Polytechnic Internship Placement System, companies are advised to register for a Corporate Pass (CorpPass) account to access our new system. Please add the e-service “SP Internship Management” to your CorpPass account.

For more information on registration of CorpPass account, please refer to CorpPass website at

Internship Guidelines

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) looks forward to collaborating with companies in providing internship opportunities to our students. The internship guidelines will allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of how our internship programme works and important information before and during the internship programme. Please read on to understand more.

Internship Guidelines

Internship Request

The duration of SP internship ranges from 6 to 42 weeks. The following list shows the different internship programs, respective duration, and Senior Liaison Officers.

Application for internship commencing Mar/Apr 2023 is open now. Companies are encouraged to register in our Internship Placement System first using CorpPass registration.
General Closing Dateline of Application: 16 Dec 2022

The data collected in the application form is limited to what is necessary to facilitate the carrying out of internship programme by SP. As SP offers other training and collaboration opportunities that benefit our industry partners, companies that collaborate with SP on internship may also receive information on these programmes from time to time.
Availability of students for internship depends on the demand from companies. Some of our internship programmes that are well-subscribed may not have available vacancy much before the commencement of the internship and we seek your understanding on this, companies can apply as early as 5 months before the start of internship.
If there are any questions or doubts on login to the Internship Placement System (IPS) or filling in the internship job posting, please click here for the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

* Allowance indicated in the internship schedule above is the recommended baseline or minimum allowance per month set by the various industry sector coordinators.

If there are any questions or doubts on login to the new Internship Placement System (IPS) or filling in the internship job posting, please click here for the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The primary objective of internship is to expose students to meaningful and relevant workplace attachment to better connect their learning to the workplace and deepen their skills, so that they are better prepared for their transition to the workplace after graduation.

Grant/Subsidy Information

Please refer to the Internship Request schedule as above.

SMEs can receive up to 70% funding support covering the internship allowance by taking up the grant offered by Enterprise SG – Global Ready Talent Programme (ESG GRT), previously known as SPRING SME Talent Programme (STP).

For any enquiries on the ESG GRT Programme, please contact the relevant Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) listed for more info.

Please take note of some requirements as below:

Singaporean students only

Minimum monthly allowance is $800

Provide a structured and meaningful internship experience


To apply for ESG GRT Grant, companies would need to go through a 3-phase application process:

Phase 1

SMEs will need to be an approved member of ESG GRT Programme at least 4 weeks before internship starts. Below are the steps usually involved in Phase 1.

Phase 2

SMEs will need to submit an internship job posting at the ESG GRT Portal to be approved by the relevant TAC and EnterpriseSG. The internship job posting will require at least 7 working days for approval. Below are the steps usually involved in Phase 2.

Phase 3

Upon approval of job posting in the EnterpriseSG Portal, the SMEs can then apply for the funding through the Portal using the confirmed Placement Email or Letter from SP, which requires another 7 working days for approval.

Overall, SMEs will need to start the funding support application at least 14 working days from Phase 2 before internship starts.

Once internship has started, SMEs will not be qualified to apply for ESG GRT Grant.

Insurance Coverage


Please note that SP has taken out S$5,000,000.00 public liability policy (the “Policy”) to generally cover (amongst other items) loss or damage to property and/or injury or illnesses which arise in the course of the Internship Programme. In the event that the company (the “Company”) suffers such losses or damage in the course of providing SP’s students with training under the Internship Programme, and strictly to the extent such losses or damage are covered by and are recoverable by SP under the Policy, SP will reimburse the Company the amount of such losses or damage from the proceeds of the Policy.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Policy covers firms, organisations or establishments offering practical training, sporting facilities or field work studies to SP’s students in respect of (a) loss or damage to property belonging to the Company or other third parties, (b) injury to or illness of persons other than the students and (c) injury to or illness of the students or loss or damage to the property of the students. In connection with the above, property damage covered by the Policy shall mean physical damage to the substance of tangible property and shall not include damage to data or software.


All students on local or overseas internships are insured under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA)-Compliant Insurance.

This policy covers work-related injuries or diseases sustained by our students in the course of their internship. For more information on the coverage of the policy, please visit Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) website.

Coverage Summary
Claim Procedures
Claim Form

Outpatient Treatment and Consultation
For both local and overseas outpatient treatment and consultation, the student, Liaison Officer (LO), or the company where student is attached to, shall make payment first, and then submit the claim directly to the insurer.

Payment by insurer is to be disbursed directly to the claimant by cheque within 30 days upon submission of a valid claim.

For local and overseas workplace accidents where hospitalization is required, students or the company can make payment first and then submit the claim directly to the insurer.

Death/Permanent Incapacity
The Department of Industry and Partnerships (InP) will submit the claim on behalf of the beneficiary to the insurer. Payment by the insurer to the beneficiary will be handled by InP.

For any enquiries on claim procedures, please contact:

AVA Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd
Co. Reg. No. 200706523M

Phone: +65 6535 1828 (O)
Fax: +65 6535 6898
Address: 91 Bencoolen Street, #08-03 Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 179803

During/After Office Hours

Claims Executive: Wendi Koh
Phone: +65 9815 9261 (HP)
Manager, Business Development: Margaret Tan
Phone: +65 9687 8913 (HP)

For Student


Letter of Undertaking for Overseas Travel

SP Internship Placement System (IPS)

eAttendance Sheet (Internship in SP)
Please select “Enable the Macro” when opening the file.

eAttendance Sheet (Internship in Company)
Please select “Enable the Macro” when opening the file.

WICA – Compliant Insurance Claim Form

Letter of Consent (Lack of Allowance)

Public Liability Claim Form

The following videos guide students on the code of conduct and important tasks during internship.

EnterpriseSG Global Ready Talent Programme
EnterpriseSG Global Ready Talent Programme is for students who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents participating in overseas internship or immersion programme. Students will be able to get a head start in a highly competitive job market through valuable overseas work experience. The students will also receive a subsistence allowance for the duration of the programme while they are still studying.

Internship Opportunities

Students looking for a self-sourced internship may find the following sites useful.