Connecting SP Alumni,

Building partnerships with Industries

Our Alumni, Our Pride

We seek to connect our SP Alumni through events and networking sessions organised by SPAN. We envisioned a strong and deep relationship with our alumni through constant engagements. SPAN engages our alumni in these areas:

Networking & Sharing sessions

Immerse yourself in engaging networking and sharing sessions that could potentially open up a myriad of opportunities for you! 

Trainings/ Workshops/ Learning journeys/ CSRs

Join us in our curated trainings/ workshops/ learning journeys/ CSR projects organised by our department. Otherwise, we would also be glad to have you conduct/ lead some of these events if you are up it! 

Community of Practice [CoP]

Our CoP aims to offer highly focused opportunities for you (if you are specialised in a domain expertise) to contribute and share your best practices with like-minded industry experts. 

Job listing/Career Match-Making Services

SP cares about our alumni! We hope that we can match your talents and strengths to the job opportunities available in our industry partners’ companies, who are working closely with us. 

Your association with SP does not end here. Stay connected by updating your personal particulars online, so we can keep in touch with you!

For non-SingPass holders or if you are unable to access the online page, please download and fill in the update form here.

Do contact us at if you have any queries.

SP Alumni School Representatives

Have you lost touch with your schools since you graduated from Singapore Polytechnic? Do you want to find out more about the new courses in your school? You can stay in touch with Singapore Polytechnic by contacting the various SP Alumni School Representatives below.

Activities like homecoming dinners and personal development talks are organised for alumni to meet up with each other and renew ties with their former lecturers. Fun and exciting enrichment workshops are also conducted for alumni and their families.

School of Architecture & The Built Environment
School of Business
School of Chemical & Life Sciences
School of Computing
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Media, Arts & Design School
School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Singapore Maritime Academy

SP Alumni Interest Groups (AIG)

You joined a CCA club when you were a student. Enjoyed your club activities at SP? How about continuing your interest as an alumnus? Get together & form Alumni Interest Groups.

The Alumni Interest Groups (AIGs) listed are formed by Singapore Polytechnic (SP) alumni and are self-governing. Such AIGs are not part of the legal entity of SP. They do not represent SP and cannot act or make any representations on its behalf. The activities and views of these AIGs are the sole responsibilities of the groups and of its members. All AIGs are to abide by the prevailing laws of Singapore.

Join an existing AIG

SP Adventure

Representative: Sebastian Wong | | 92336497

SP Bowling

Representative: Alfred Bay | | 81137741

SP Karate

Representative: Lim Yi Yan | | 98464973

SP Navigators

Representative: Teh Jing Hurng | | 90258757

SP Rovers

Representative: Martin Tang | | 86082288

SP Technopreneurs

Representative: Teo Jian Rong | | 90101685

SP Applied Sciences and Materials

Representative: Jonas Wang | | 98789639

SP Industrial Management

Representative: Wilson Fu | | 96848257

SP Mind & Memory

Representative: Felix Tandra Ng | | 98784224

SP Optometry

Representative: Purrvenrajh Bajjaj | | 91017463

SP Taiko Drummers

Representative: Candy Chua | | 97823449

Form an AIG
  • An independent SP alumni group, centred on a particular interest
  • Consists of at least 30 alumni
  • The nature of the interest group must not be similar to any of the existing alumni interest group above
  • Must have a proper framework to ensure the stability and sustainability of the group
  • Demonstrates effort to contribute to SP’s vision

Approved AIGs will be able to apply for the following support, subject to availability:

  • Venue (within SP)
  • Catering
  • Logistics
  • Memento
  • Bridging (link up) between the AIG and relevant department/school/officer
  • Pre-event/Post-event publicity

Refer here to find out on the detailed guidelines.

Submit your ‘Formation of Alumni Interest Group (AIG) proposal’ based on the following requirements to

  • a) Aims and Objectives of the group
  • b) Organisation Structure
  • c) Events Calendar
  • d) Proposed Operating Budget and Sources of Funding for activities
  • e) Safety Protocols and Risk Management Measures
  • f) Plans to contribute to SP’s Vision
  • g) Proposed Facilities required from SP

You will be notified on a date to conduct a 30 minutes presentation within 2 weeks after the group formation proposal has been received.

1. Can my group apply if we do not have at least 30 members?

  • For a valid application, the group needs to have at least 30 members, including the EXCO.
  • However, you can still indicate your group’s interest to us through email. Where there are suitable opportunities, we will link your group with other groups which have members less than 30 to form a new group.

2. Can we still form a new Adventure Club?

  • The nature of your group must not be similar to any of the existing interest groups.

3. Can we form a Gambling Club?

  • No. All forms of interest group initiated should comply with Singapore government policies.

4. Can my group apply if we do not have an EXCO Committee?

  • For a valid application, the group needs to have an EXCO Committee and a proper framework to ensure the independence, stability and sustainability of the group.

5. How can my group contribute to SP’s vision?

  • Your group can contribute by engaging our current SP students through the following ways:
  • – Conduct speaking engagements
    – Mentorship
    – Lead or participate in community service projects with the students
    – Provide industry placements
    – Provide financial support for those from humble background

6. Can my group apply if we do not fulfill all of the application criteria?

  • For a valid application, the group needs to fulfill all of the application criteria.

7. When will my group be notified of the presentation date?

  • Your group will be notified within two weeks after the submission of your proposal to

8. Can we reschedule the presentation date because not all of my group members can be present for the presentation?

  • It is not advisable to reschedule the presentation date.
  • Not all group members need to be present. However, the EXCO is encouraged to be present.
  • You may still indicate to us if there is a special reason for rescheduling.

9. When will we know the results of our application?

  • The group representative will be notified of the group’s application status within two weeks after the presentation.

10. Can SP support our group in the application with Registry of Societies (ROS)?

  • We do not support groups in their application with ROS.

11. Can our group conduct fund-raising activities?

  • Proper permits should be obtained before any fund-raising is conducted in public.

12. Who should we approach if we will like to enquire or appeal?